Our pride is the repair and production plant in Żłobnica.

Thanks to many years of experience in servicing and repairing machines from various manufacturers, apart from building new machines, we carry out the following tasks:

  • general overhaulings and reconstruction repairs of machines, adapted to the customer’s budget assumptions, meeting the highest standards for such works
  • mechanical modernizations increasing the functionality of devices (e.g. changing the range of press strokes or other technical parameters)
  • modernization of the control, updating the electrics and electronics to the latest components and standards, introducing additional functionalities that the machine originally did not have (e.g. working program memory, automatic settings, advanced safety systems, temperature sensors of bushings and bearings, combining the control of the feeding line and the press in one controller and touch panel and many other interesting solutions)
  • regeneration and replacement of servo motors
  • installation of press pressure control systems, protecting the machine against overload and thus costly repairs
  • designing and implementing tool protection systems tailored to the specific needs of customers and the specificity of a given tool
  • adapting machines to applicable EC regulations – we certify machines modernized by us independently and in cooperation with a notified body, depending on the regulations covering a given type of device
  • overhauls of hydraulic systems for deep drawing presses and other hydraulic machines such as sheet metal bending machines or press brakes, whether partial or complete replacement of hydraulic systems with modern solutions from well-known manufacturers
  • replacing lubrication systems with reliable, progressive solutions
  • regeneration of mechanical and hydraulic press overload systems
  • selection and assembly of clutch-brake assemblies along with any necessary modifications to some parts of the transmission system, all supported by strength calculations
  • regeneration or replacement of pneumatic actuators and entire compressed air systems

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