Fabryka Armatur “Swarzędz” sp. z o. o.

For FAS, BTC Maszyny is not only a supplier of machines, but above all a reliable and trustworthy partner. We have been cooperating with BTC since 2017, and with Łukasz Stolarczyk for several years, during which we jointly completed large projects for the supply and implementation of hot forging presses. Metal forming is a difficult process that requires particularly strong service and implementation support. That is why we value the cooperation with BTC, the substantive knowledge of engineers and technicians, the organization of work and, above all, the full commitment of the entire team, with the personal participation of Łukasz Stolarczyk. This approach certainly distinguishes BTC from the competition.

Grzegorz Meller

Fabryka Armatur "Swarzędz" Sp. z o. o.

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