Bending and cutting of sheet metal

Our long-time partner, Warcom, is a manufacturer that guarantees high quality and the latest technology when it comes to bending sheet metal on press brakes and cutting sheet metal with guillotine shears. The innovative real-time automatic dynamic crowning system, which guarantees excellent bending results, is just one example of a technology that is revolutionizing the entire production process. In addition, thanks to TIMAC, we also offer a technology that allows the automatic cutting of disks from square metal sheets.

Bending on a press brake is the basic step in the sheet metal process, which usually takes place after cutting.

The technology used by WARCOM is synonymous with great experience and quality, and the wide range of presses includes machines from the smallest machines to large-format ones, as well as completely customized solutions.

Guillotine shearing is the most consolidated industrial cold cutting technique for steel. With special blades and the right design, maximum cutting thicknesses of up to 40 mm can also be achieved.

TIMAC provides the technology to fully automate the process of cutting round disks, starting from square sheets. The principle of this type of line is to automatically take square sheets from a rack/pallet and place them on a work table, where they are cut to the appropriate diameter thanks to circular shears. The disk can then be transferred directly to a mechanical press if the main hole is required to be punched. Finally, the round disk and the waste are unloaded automatically, the format to a roller conveyor and the waste to a container.



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