Hot forging

As the only company in Poland, BTC Maszyny, together with our partner, MECOLPRESS, provides hot forging technology, including for the innovative less-flash forging method.

Mecolpress’ R&D department supports our customers in achieving several significant goals:

Communicating methodologies to optimize production by hot forging parts in an efficient way, without the need for subsequent operations such as trimming of the blank, etc., and in an efficient way, producing a part that is as solid and perfect as the shape for which it is inspired;
Sharing knowledge about which materials are most suitable for which applications, and determining under what conditions the properties of the materials themselves are best;
Adapting the best production techniques to the needs of specific industries, to the recommendations of individual countries, in accordance with local regulations and styles.

BTC Maszyny, together with our partner Mecolpress, provides hot forging technology for materials such as brass, aluminum, titanium, copper and steel.

In addition, YADON crank presses with pressures ranging from 800 to 6,300 tons and a wide range of presses for calibrating (trimming) forgings complement our comprehensive offer for forging plants.

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