Plate bending

Thanks to our own experience in the production of rolling machines and the experience of our partner, IMCAR, we offer technology for plate bending both thin and thick metal sheets. There are a number of technological solutions to carry out the process of bending up sheet metal. From asymmetrical three-roll bending machines or Hi-Tech models, which enable the bending process with excellent pre-bending and guarantee excellent precision, repeatability and very fast cycle times, to three-roll traditional machines, variable geometry machines as well as versatile 4-roll bending machines, accurate and easy to use, ensuring high productivity.

The high precision of our machines is achieved with a PLC and proportional valves. The rollers are supported by double bearings their parallelism is electronically controlled. The rotation of the rollers is carried out with automatic speed scaling so that the machine can always operate at the maximum speed allowed.

Programming and operating systems of automatic bending allow to achieve excellent repeatability of production – we use NC controllers of the best international manufacturers.

A very wide range of accessories makes it possible to automatically control the infeed and outfeed of the working material, turning the machine into an automated flexible manufacturing system (FMS) – a highly efficient and production-flexible unit.

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