Press automation

The main technological changes that have occurred in press feeding and enabled the evolution of feeding technology are: allowing tools to achieve increased operating speeds, increased processing flexibility, easier setup, and improved quality and reliability. Even with today’s advances, a feeding line must meet three basic and important criteria to be successful: the configuration must be flexible, it must deliver material with the right precision to the tool and die, and the material must be fed at the right time. Advances in feeding technology include a release to work with pilots, space-saving line configurations, transfer operations, and processing material without scratching it.

The press feeder must not only move the right amount of material to the tool, it must be positioned correctly front to back, side to side and square to the tool. In this case, the strip must also be gently manipulated to prevent scratching.

An additional and extremely important issue when it comes to press automation is also the control of peripheral devices and tool safety sensors. This is where we came out to meet the needs of our customers by designing our proprietary system, the BTC Maszyny electronic cam.


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