Processing on presses

Together with our partner OMERA, we offer a wide range of sheet metal presses, both as individual machines and linked into automatic production lines. In addition, we offer the technology of preparing sheet metal for processing on presses, in the form of automatic TIMAC circular shears, which are used in stamping plants where round sheets are used as input material and it is important to keep the percentage of waste as low as possible, and the technology of edge processing, after processing on presses, in the form of OMERA trimming beading machines.

The quality of construction and components used, extensive experience and advanced technology developed over the years make OMERA presses a reliable product. A wide range of sizes and attention to detail in machining ensure the repeatability of production processes and the long life of our equipment.

The technology used in OMERA hydraulic and mechanical presses allows them to be used in automatic production lines designed and developed for various productions.

OMERA trimming machines, operated by pneumatic, hydraulic or brushless electric units, ensure quality, productivity and production flexibility. Performing appropriate simulations helps us choose the most suitable solution for a specific production process.

Our press processing offer is complemented by special presses from Turkish manufacturer HÜRSAN.


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