Hydraulic hot forging presses

Mecolpress boasts a wide range of hydraulic presses in various tonnages, ideal for realizing hot forged parts with complex geometries. The forging force of these machines is higher than that of traditional mechanical presses. Each stroke of the slide and punches is controlled independently, with adjustable stroke, start time, speed and return. This makes it possible to hot forge complex workpieces without any stroke as well.

In addition, our hydraulic presses are equipped with the patented Mecolpress “Calipso” software, which allows monitoring the entire production cycle of the hydraulic press according to many parameters.

The hallmark of any hot forging press is programming flexibility. Since the slide and punches are independently controlled by the hydraulic cylinders, this allows some adjustments to be made during the working cycle to correct some possible defects by acting on the movement of a single workpiece via the software.

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