Automatic discs cutting lines

Lines with a fully automated processing cycle, from the loading of square metal sheets to the unloading of the cut disc with automatic waste discharge. The core of the line consists of automatic disc cutters. The production capacity of the line ranges from 140 to 280 disks per hour. Diameters: 200 to 2200 mm; thickness: 3 to 10 mm. PLC controls all processing steps. Adjustment of disk diameter (cutting head): automatic, using digital settings and readouts, with the ability to store multiple sizes. Hydraulic blade rotation and hydraulic lowering of the upper blade. Work table equipped with pneumatic centering system. Stationary machine tool tailstock with hydraulic workpiece clamping system. The line also includes sheet storage, disk unloading platform, electrical cabinet with PLC, hydraulic unit, and safety guards in accordance with EU standards.

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